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Saree ImageCodeSaree NamePallu TypeBorder TypeOur PriceLengthStock 
22Pure Silk Saree Zangla Pallu with MeenaZari Strip PalluZari Gold204806.5 Yards1Details
23Leaf Design Booti SareeZari Strip PalluZari Gold64006.5 Yards1Details
24Nakshi Chatai Big Size BootiNakshi PalluNakshi Border104006.5 Yards1Details
25Big Booti 01 Nal SareeNakshi PalluZari Gold120006.5 Yards1Details
26Mehndi Lage Hath with Meena SareeZari Strip PalluZari Gold204806.5 Yards1Details
27Arch Design and Small Booti SareeArch Design PalluZari Gold96006.5 Yards1Details
28Nakshi Border Asharfi Booti SareeNakshi PalluNakshi Border120006.5 Yards1Details
29Mogra Booti SareeMogra PalluZari Gold104006.5 Yards1Details
30Leaf and Jugnu Booti SareeDesigner PalluZari Gold104006.5 Yards1Details
31Sun Booti SareeDesigner PalluZari Gold128006.5 Yards1Details
32Meena Boota 01 Nal SareeDesigner PalluZari Gold136006.5 Yards1Details
33Cross Design, Skirt Design All Over SareeCross PalluZari Gold112006.5 Yards1Details
34Flower Jaal SareeZari Strip PalluZari Gold168006.5 Yards1Details
35Anar Meena Boota SareeTishu PalluZari Gold104006.5 Yards1Details
36Pure Zari Pure Silk Asharfi Booti SareeNakshi Chatai PalluZari Gold720006.5 Yards1Details
37Tishu Over All Silk Booti With Zari Meen SareeJangla PalluZari Gold76806.5 Yards1Details
38Leaf Drop Booti SareeBig Boota PalluZari Gold60806.5 Yards1Details
39Small Booti SareeBel PalluZari Gold86406.5 Yards1Details
40Mughal Boota SareeMughal Boota PalluZari Gold168006.5 Yards1Details
41Jhar Pallu 01 Nal SareeJhar PalluZari Gold86406.5 Yards1Details
42Jhar Pallu Over All SareeJhar PalluZari Gold168006.5 Yards1Details
43Jugnu Booti Over All SareeJhar PalluZari Gold76806.5 Yards1Details
44Badam Booti SareeBadam Booti PalluZari Gold89606.5 Yards1Details
45Mughal Zig Zag Pallu SareeZigzag LineZari Gold86406.5 Yards1Details
46Meena Star Booti SareeJhar PalluZari Gold73606.5 Yards1Details
47Star Booti SareeZari Strip PalluZari Gold102406.5 Yards1Details
48Cross Pallu Leaf Booti SareeCross PalluZari Gold86406.5 Yards1Details
49Flower Pallu Big & Small Size Booti SareeFlower Booti PalluZari Gold86406.5 Yards1Details
50Flower Pallu with Small Drop Booti SareeFlower Booti PalluZari Gold73606.5 Yards1Details
51Silver Tishu SareeMughal Booti PalluZari Silver96006.5 Yards1Details
55Jhar pallu sareeJhar PalluZari Gold48006.5 M1Details
59Big booti sareeFlower Booti PalluZari Gold56006.5 M1Details
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